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Whenever I need motivation I just google Gordon Ramsey 

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Reblog if you’re lonely because your boyfriend is always busy making albums and going on tour.


i feel ya guys

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She’s thinking about where she thought she’d be 10 years ago.

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It’s Okay It’s Love(2014)

This drama is tragically and beautifully written. We rarely see the deglamorized reality of Mental Illness and the stigmas that come with it. I would highly suggest this drama to everyone! You don’t even have to be a drama fan to appreciate this amazingly well written story.

In some east Asian countries, mental illness carries even more of a stigma then it does in the UK and the US, which makes this film so much more important.

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the rest of exo be like


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why be in the kpop fandom when you could light yourself on fire and feel the same way

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When Myungsoo got the least votes

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seeing other fans that are prettier than you and have the same biases


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Bird’s nest seating designed by OGE Group